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6063 SW 18th St. #110
Boca Raton, FL 33433

Phone (561) 391-2266

Monday7:30 AM 6:00 PM
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Boca Village Animal Hospital

Boca Village Animal Hospital


720 Certified Clients Reviews & Surveys for Boca Village Animal Hospital

Reviews posted and surveys rated from actual clients. Certified

Review(513): 101 /720
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Delray Bch

Dr Beebe and staff are knowledgeable, friendly, efficient and always take good care of my dog-child. ?? I trust them implicitly.

Review(511): 102 /720
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I did not have any grooming. I have seen all of the vets in the practice and all are fantastic. I am considering leaving the practice only because it is extremely expensive and American Express is not accepted. I can not get out for under $300 and that seems too much. I love all the dr s and it makes for a very hard decision but we have recently adopted another kitty and we cannot afford for all of our animals to be cared for :(

Review(508): 103 /720
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Boca Raton

Was my first visit with my new puppy. Was very happy and impressed with everything. Would definitely recommend this office!! Very professional !

Review(507): 104 /720
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Boca Raton

I was very comfortable with the communication, care and the love they showed to my cat.

Review(506): 105 /720
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Boca Raton

Dr Stetzer hands down is the best Vet in the business.

Review(504): 106 /720
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Boca Raton

Whenever a dog s nails are trimmed, they should be filed also so that the dog does not scratch a person or another animal and tear skin.

Review(503): 107 /720
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Boynton Beach

I am very happy with the vet and the office people

Review(498): 108 /720
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Thank you for fitting me in so quickly. I didn t even have to ask, you said, I will find you a spot to bring your pet in today, so she doesn t get worse.

Review(497): 109 /720
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Boca Raton

I would like to thank Dr. Tompkins for taking great care of Sophia. Dr. Tompkins took caution before the surgery by doing a cardiogram to make sure Sophia s heart was okay. Thank God it was. The surgery went very well.

Review(494): 110 /720
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Boca Raton

I don t remember the name of any of them but the medical assistant and the front desk were fantastic, helpful and knowledgeable. Great staff, keep them!

Review(491): 111 /720
Reviewer Image
Boca Raton

waiting for surgery services estimate from Dr.

Review(489): 112 /720
Reviewer Image
Boca Raton

I recommended your services to my neighbor.

Review(485): 113 /720
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Boca Raton

Thank you Dr. Bebe for the compassion you extended to us and also for the love and care you shared with Jackson.

Review(481): 114 /720
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Boca Raton

The staff and Dr. Beebee are great! Always caring . . .

Review(478): 115 /720
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Boyton Beach

The office was very courteous and friendly. We love Dr Tompkins she is very pleasant and Molly loves her to

Review(477): 116 /720
Reviewer Image
pompano beach

Kali and I love you guys:)

Review(476): 117 /720
Reviewer Image
Deerfield beach

Love Biancia Marley always gets a perfect cut and your facility is so clean every one that works there is very nice. Marley only goes for grooming

Review(470): 118 /720
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Boca Raton

The technician and Dr. D. were wonderful! Will highly recommend this facility to everyone I know.

Review(456): 119 /720
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Boca Raton

Thank you. Very pleased with prompt, courteous service.

Review(455): 120 /720
Reviewer Image
Boca Raton

We love Dr. B!!!

Review(446): 121 /720
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This office has always been super attentive before drying and after the visit. It s amazing that everyone from the receptionist to the helpers in the back to the vet are equally as nice and welcoming and professional. I drive 30 minutes to you when I have tons of options next to me because of the great service. I appreciate your staff.

Review(444): 122 /720
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Boca Raton

Enjoy meeting Dr Bebee for the first time. We always see Dr. Tompkins, but she was off the day we needed to bring Rocco in. She made us feel very comfortable and followed up the next day with a personal call, so very nice. Terrance was a pleasure to have as the tech. Gail Veros

Review(443): 123 /720
Reviewer Image
Boca Raton

Great office, friendly staff, really caring towards the animals.

Review(441): 124 /720
Reviewer Image
Coconut Creek

Been bringing my pets to Boca Village for 20 years. Wouldn t trust anyone else!! ??

Review(439): 125 /720
Reviewer Image
Ocean Ridge

Always confident in getting Toffi s issues addressed

Reviews posted and surveys rated from actual clients. Certified

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